Ching Shyu


Ching Shyu, fine arts artist and professor from China, is living and working in San Jose, CA, USA. He created artworks for the 2002 Olympic Game and the 2003 World Cup Soccer Game and received the “Olympic Artist Recognition Award”. In 2012, 2016 and 2018, Ching had one man shows in three top art museums in Guangzhou, China. He is the research fellow of the fine art Institute and the adviser of youth fine art association of Guangzhou, China.

徐治庆,画家、教授。现居美国北加州圣何塞。徐治庆为 2002 冬季奥运会和2003世界杯足球赛创作的艺术作品被奥运为选为专用并荣获“奥林匹克艺术成就奖”。2012、2016、以及2018年,徐治庆应邀在广州艺术博物院举办了《彩笔追风》、《笔飞墨 舞》、以及《笔随心动》个展,并被聘为中国广东省青年美协顾问。