Huanbo Wang


Huanbo Wang, Painter, Director of the Jiayoufu Landscape Painting Research Association of Peking University, Member of the Chinese Artists Association.

In October 2014 and September 2018, at the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center, the “Wang Huanbo Personal Landscape Painting Exhibition” was hosted by the Shandong Artists Association. In October 2014, he was invited to the United States for a one-month art exchange and sketching activity.

In 2017, the Morey International Sketch Festival in Paris was hired as the director and tutor of the training department. Going to France and Italy for sketching teaching and other academic exchanges.

In November 2018, he went to the British Museum in the UK to hold an exhibition and was invited to give lectures at the Royal College of Art and other academic exchanges.


2014年10月、2018年9月在山东省文化馆由山东省美术家协会主办“王焕波个人山水画 展”,2014年10月应邀赴美国进行为期一个月的艺术考察交流、写生活动。

2017年巴黎莫雷国际写生节聘为培训部主任、导师。赴法国、意大利进行写生教学及其 它学术交流。

2018年11月,赴英国大英博物馆举办展览并应邀在皇家艺术学院学术讲座并进行其它学 术交流活动。