John Marchand


Mayor John Marchand has served on the Livermore City Council since 2005 and was elected mayor in 2011. Mayor Marchand spent his professional career working in the sciences as a chemist. Working for over three decades in the water industry, Mayor Marchand is a nationally recognized expert on water quality. He also served for 15 years as a member of the Zone 7 Water Agency Board of Directors.

Mayor Marchand was a founding member of the City of Livermore’s Commission for the Arts and was instrumental in the development of the City’s Cultural Arts Masterplan and the revitalization of the downtown cultural arts district. He has also developed innovative programs to promote public art and reduce graffiti and vandalism.

A highpoint of both careers came together when Mayor Marchand participated in the international colloquium of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry in Moscow when element 116 was officially named Livermorium after his city in 2012.

市长John Marchand自2005年起担任利弗莫尔市市议会议员,2011年被票选为利弗莫尔市市长。市长Marchand作为一名化学家,曾在与他专业领域相关的水利系统工作超 30载,并在7区水务局以董事会成员身份任职15年。如今,他是全国认证的水质专家。


当市长Marchand参加莫斯科国际纯粹与应用化学联合会的国际学术讨论会时,他的两个职业生涯的高潮在那里汇集碰撞,元素116于2012年根据利弗莫尔市的名称被正式命名 为 Livermorium。