Lizhen Zhang


Lizhen Zhang, Manager of Hohhot Gallery of Inner Mongolia. Lizhen Zhang was born in Inner Mongolia in March, 1959. In 1977, he was admitted to the Department of Physics Exploration, Changchun Institute of Geology after the National Restoration of the College Entrance Examination. In January, 1982, he graduated from the college and had been allocated to the first physical and chemical exploration team in Inner Mongolia. Then, he became a senior geophysical engineer there. Lizhen Zhang has published dozens of thesis in public, one of them was published by the Department of Geophysical Exploration of Jilin University. Some of his thesis were extracted from relevant publications in the United States and the former Soviet Union. Based on these, he became a member of the Jiu San Society, and served as the deputy director of the Research Office of the Inner Mongolia District Committee of the Jiu San Society (not stationed in the conference), and the deputy chairman of the Jiu San Society.