Nicholas Liang


Nicholas Liang is a Vino-Singer from the San Francisco Bay Area. His daytime work and passion both lie in creating new dimensions for the palate as a sommelier and restaurant owner. He brings his clients unforgettable experiences and a measure of joy, by matching Western wines with Asian food on the table.

During nighttime he is a tenor soloist. A leggiero-Lyric tenor, he sings songs and opera arias by leading composers like Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Bach, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann and Mozart; composers like Donaudy and Durante; as well as American folk songs.

梁立新是旧金山湾区的一名伺酒师及歌手。作为一间餐厅的老板,他在白天的工作以及熱情是不断发掘菜品与洋酒之间的搭配的秘密。他通过将亚洲菜系与洋酒的巧妙的结合,为 客人们带来难忘的味觉体验和愉悦感。

到了晚上,梁立新又变成一位古典乐男高音歌唱家。他的音域很廣,跨度从唱抒情歌曲, 比如罗伯特舒曼、弗朗茨舒伯特、莫扎特、巴克、多诺第、杜兰特等的作品和美国名歌到 罗西尼、贝利尼和多尼采蒂等著名作曲家的歌曲和歌剧咏叹调。