Qiyixin (Candice) Zeng


Qiyixin (Candice) Zeng, a senior student on Producing track in Motion Picture and Television Department at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. She’s very organized, full of experienced and always passionate about film making. She tried to learn and do as much and miscellaneous as she can but not only doing a production job when she’s on set. She’s from China and majored in production and stage design before she came to the U.S.A. Now, she has been to the U.S.A for almost three years. During these years, Qiyixin (Candice) has learned how to be a Producer and always train herself to be a good Producer. So far, she has participated in a lot of student projects, especially graduation thesis projects. And she was usually on Producer, UPM, LP, PA, 2nd AD, Grip, etc positions. From these awesome experiences, she knew how important networking, communication, and creativity are for us who want to be Producers.