Rey Chen


Mr. Rey Chen was born in 1950 at Taipei, Taiwan and graduated from Chinese Culture University, Mr. Chen obtained two master’s degrees of Engineering at San Jose State University, CA, USA.

Currently, as a board member in Chinese Arts Association of San Francisco, he is also an annual contracted artist with Sogoart auction gallery at Taipei, Taiwan.

Mr. Chen learned his Chinese painting techniques from many famous Chinese painting artists in Taiwan since 1971 including from Master Chang Da Chien and Master Pu Sin Yu's following students.

Two of his major solo art exhibitions have been performed at National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan in 2013 and 2015 consequently. One invited solo art exhibition was held at Land Bank headquarter, Taipei, Taiwan 2015.

陈雷先生于1950年在台湾(中国)的台北出生,后毕业于中国文化大学,并在加州的圣何 塞州立大学获得两项工程硕士学位。

目前,陈雷是旧金山中国艺术协会的董事会成员,同时,他还是台湾(中国)台北 Sogoart 拍卖会的年度签约艺术家。