Rudi Amedeus Blondia


Made and assembled in Belgium but reprogrammed in California.

I've been photographing as a calling since 2008 after assisting another artist since 2003. I'm always looking for beauty expressed by energy, forms, light and raw emotions.

The journey to photography wasn't the most straightforward one. I started out as a composer/conductor by training, dabbled in painting and performance art but spent a lifetime as a self-made inventor in cutting edge technology covering a variety of art and photonics technology fields.

Laser and light special effects in music performance, movies and entertainment installations brought me to Los Angeles, California, where exposed to brilliant talent, I developed the ability to see beyond the surface. I don't have photograph subjects, but I photograph the way they make me feel and how this translates into a visual story.

My art has been called cinematic, quiet, emotional, dramatic, intimate...

I'm currently based in Stockton, California but I have the privilege toward all over the world with great teams. I also love to photograph the landscapes in the East and the West, mostly attracted by desert and large rock formations.

In my spare time, I'm converting a Stockton historic firehouse, built 1906-1908, into a gallery, studio, darkroom and meeting space for the creative photographic art community.

Contact me to inquire about current projects and rates. I shoot commercial, travel, portrait, events and fine art.

I work in digital 35mm and MFDB. I'm equally at home in analog film technology, from 35mm roll film up to 8"x10" sheet film.

Rudi Amedeus Blondia出生并成长于比利时。后在加利福尼亚州发展。








我使用35mm 胶片拍摄,并在 MFDB 工作。我在家也使用从35mm胶卷到8“x10“片材的模拟胶片技术。