Susan Chan


Born in Malaysia and resides in the United States, Susan started in Chinese Paintings over 10 years ago.  Since under the tutelage of Mr. Paul Hau, she now focuses in the Pomo style. Many of her works have been exhibited in US and major art Museums in China and Taiwan such as Liaoning National Museum in China (2018) and  Chiang Kai-Shek National Memorial Hall, and Dr. Sun Yet-Sun Memorial Hall in Taiwan (2016). She has published two art albums “The Passion and Path of Poetry and Art” and " Alluring Coloration" and the works were exhibited at the Hou Beiren Art Museum at Kunshan China,Chiang Kai-Shek National Memorial Hall and Silicon Valley.  

Ms. Chan is very active in the local art communities.  She belongs to many local and international art groups and is the presiding president of American Society for the Advancement of Chinese Arts (ASACA).

Susan is teaching traditional Chinese Paintings and Chinese contemporary expressionist paintings in the form of Splash Ink at Los Altos Community Services and at Newark Adult Education Center.  She is also the principal of North valley Chinese School.