Susan Marchand


Susan Marchand, a Livermore artist, specializes in intricate watercolor florals and hand-scripted calligraphy. She has always been fascinated with flowers and the biological aspects that can be

rendered in a piece of artwork. Susan started out as a biology major with the intent of pursuing a career in Biological Illustration. Her work continues to show an emphasis on the "illustrative".

Susan is a member of the Livermore Art Association, the ArtWorks Studios and is a winner of the Jade Fon Award for excellence in watercolor. She has participated in shows at the Thompson Gallery, Alameda County Fair, Sun Gallery in Hayward, LAA Gallery, San Ramon Celebration for the Arts and various local art shows. Her work has also been displayed at a number of local businesses.

Susan has installed whimsical murals in the children's areas in libraries, schools and medical centers.

Susan has taught Calligraphy classes at Las Positas Adult Education. Susan has also taken the leap into abstracts, working with acrylic paints, gels and colored pencil. She finds it challenging and fascinating at the same time.

Susan Marchand,利弗莫尔艺术家。擅长绘画复杂的水彩花卉和书法。她一直着迷于艺术对于鲜花和生物的表达及渲染。Susan最初为了生物学插图学习了生物学专业,之后在她的很多作品中,我们都能看到她的“说明性”这一特点。

Susan是利弗莫尔艺术协会,ArtWorks工作室的成员,并且因其卓越的水彩工艺获得了Jade Fon 奖。Susan曾参与过汤普森画廊、阿拉米达县博览会、海沃德太阳画廊、LAA 画廊、圣拉蒙艺术庆典和各种当地艺术展的演出及活动。她的作品也在一些当地的很多企业展出。


Susan还曾在 Las Positas 成人教育学校教授书法课程。Susan还对丙烯酸涂料,凝胶和彩色铅笔的运用进行了抽象研究,然后她发现无论是哪种方法的运用都兼具挑战性和吸引力。