Wendy Sun


Wendy Sun is the Chair of Corporate Asian American Employee Network (CAAEN), which is a non-profit educational organization collaborating with more than 25 corporate partners, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. In her role she leads and oversees the leadership development program that graduated hundreds of employee leaders from the private, public, and educational sectors in the Greater Bay Area community. She was invited to speak and moderate sessions at various community events, including the White House Initiative Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Employee Resource Group Summit in Washington, DC.

Wendy has held a series of executive positions with various community organizations. Some of her community service leadership highlights include Director of Outreach and Director of Dental Programming of UC Davis Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Conference with over 10,000 attendees, Director of Marketing of 3rd Annual San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival, and Board member of Kaiser Permanente Asian Association.

As the Founder of USChitu Media and Entertainment LLC, Wendy and her team organized many large scale events, such as 2017Sing!China (SF) Competition, 2017 Shui Li Fang Singing (SF)

Contest, 2017 Cao Can Bei (SF) Recital Competition, Golden University Student Microfilm Festival,etc. Currently, USChitu is a social platform with over 50,000 members from bay area, southern California and east coast. It has two official Wechat accounts, USchitu and BayOffer, and 200+ Wechat groups. As one of the most influential platform among Chinese community in US, it allows real-time personal consultant from experts (e.g., CPA and lawyers), promotes community and China-US events, and provides art and technology training courses for adults and children. Wendy graduated from UC Berkeley and currently live in San Francisco Bay Area.

孙秀琳是企业亚裔美国雇员网络(CAAEN)的主席。CAAEN 是一个非营利性教育组织,与 超过25 家企业伙伴合作,其中许多是财富500强企业。孙秀琳作为企业领导人,她领导 并监督了领导力发展计划,该计划从大湾区社区的私人,公共和教育部门培育出了数百名 员工领导。她受邀在各种社区活动中发表演讲和主持会议,其中包括华盛顿特区的白宫倡议亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民员工资源小组峰会。

孙秀琳曾在多个社区组织担任过一系列行政职务。其中一些更具有领导力的社区服务包括外展主任和加州大学戴维斯分校的牙科项目主任,此项目的医疗预科和健康预科会议与会者超过 1 万人。孙秀琳还是第三届旧金山国际新概念电影节营销总监,以及Kaiser Permanente亚洲协会(KPAA)理事会成员。

作为赤兔华盟的创始人,孙秀琳和她的团队组织了许多大型活动,如2017 年旧金山中国 新歌声歌唱比赛,2017年旧金山海外华裔水立方杯唱歌比赛,2017年旧金山Cao Can Bei独奏比赛,金色大学学生缩微胶卷电影节等。目前,赤兔华盟社交平台拥有来自湾 区,南加州和东海岸的超过5万多的成员。它有两个官方微信帐号:USchitu和BayOffer,以及200多个微信群组。作为美国华人社区最具影响力的平台之一,它提供各种专业的(如注册会计师和律师)的实时咨询服务,推广社区和中美活动,并为成人和儿 童提供绘画艺术与技巧的培训课程。 孙秀琳毕业于加州大学伯克利分校,目前居住在旧 金山湾区。