Wenqiao Deng


website: http://wenqiaodeng.com/

Wenqiao Deng, a multiformity(multi-platform) designer and artist specializing in infographics and visual, interaction design and based in San Francisco, California. She graduated an MFA in design at California College of the Arts. A speculative design leader who created multiformity and graphic assets, designed on-screen diversity graphics and social media production for TEDxHangzhou.She is the Chief Executive Officer and Art Director in "Matrix" Studio.

She likes to explore to use traditional and new forms of image-making methods (Riso printing and processing) hybridized images are created that visually articulate the intersection between traditional print and new digital imaging methods.

邓文巧,多样化(大数据)设计师兼艺术家,毕业于加州艺术学院研究生。为TEDxHANGZHOU创意和艺术总监。Matrix studio 创始人兼艺术总监。喜欢研究传统艺术、文学、哲学在当代信息化时代通过多元化媒介中为传播的诗意化视觉表现。