Xin Xin


Founder and CEO at BGC

Dr. Xin is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a bilingual media professional. She launched her company, Brilliant Global Communication (BGC), in 2014 in New York and opened a branch office in California in 2016.

BGC specializes in visual storytelling and intercultural communication. Xin has spoken on Visual Marketing and Effective Communication for local chambers and Chinese communities in New York and Silicon Valley.

Xin’s documentary “Empower,” which she directed, was a 2018 Winner in the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards (Documentary Short, Running time: 40 minutes). It also received awards at film festivals in England, Israel, and Australia. The film profiled top U.S. universities’ accelerators, including the biggest one on the West Coast–CITRIS Foundry at the University of California (headquartered in Berkeley), the biggest one on the East Coast–Columbia Entrepreneurship, and a very distinctive Garage at Northwestern. The trailer can be viewed at

BGC also created numerous promotional videos, including “Strive San Jose,” “USA Hockey Kids First,” “USA Basketball Open Court,” “Youth Bridge Career Development,” “Oakland Undercurrent,” and “Montclair Soccer Club.”

Besides above, BGC provides cross-border companies with tailored educational programs in terms of Visual Marketing and Effective Communication.

  • BGC 传媒创始人兼 CEO

辛欣博士是好莱坞获奖纪录片导演和双语传媒专业人士,她于2014年在纽约成立了她的公司Brilliant Global Communication (BGC),并于2016年在加利福尼亚州开设了分公司。


辛欣执导的纪录片EMPOWER于2018年获奖于好莱坞国际独立纪录片电影节,(纪录短 片,时长40分钟)。该纪录片还在英国,爱尔兰和澳大利亚等地电影节获得奖项,它主 要讲述了美国顶尖大学的创业加速器,包括西海岸最大的加速器–总部位于加州大学伯克利分校的CITRIS铸造厂,东海岸高校中最大的创业中心,哥伦比亚大学创业中心,以 及美国中西部伊利诺伊州颇具特色的创业中心,西北大学创业中心THE GARAGE(车库)。点击链接可观看此片预告片

BGC 还制作过许多宣传视频,比如 “繁荣圣何塞”,“USA Hockey Kids First”,“USA Basketball Open Court”,“Youth Bridge Career Development”,“Oakland Undercurrent”,和“Montclair Soccer Club”。

除了以上这些,BGC 还为跨境公司提供视觉营销和有效沟通方面的定制教育课程。