Yunchao Li


Li Yunchao, Painter, graduated from Zhengzhou University with a master's degree. He like to paint since he was a child, and he is good at watercolor and animation. He have worked with his teacher to complete the animated work “Underwater Paradise" and "Auntie's Insole". Among them, "Underwater Paradise" was nominated for the Outstanding Student Short Film of Hangzhou International Animation Festival. "Auntie's Insole" won the third prize of Beijing Film Academy Excellent Creative Promotion Conference, and the finalist of Suzhou Lanhai Creative Cloud Creative Entrepreneurship Competition. At present, he is a student of the famous painter Xing Junqin, and he has held the "Beijing 798 Birth (2002-2006)" (Beijing), Hopper's Romance-Xing Junqin's solo exhibition (Beijing 798), "Yinyun Xinjiang" exhibition (Beijing).

李云超,画家,毕业于郑州大学,硕士研究生。自幼喜欢画画,擅长水彩和动画创作。曾与老师一起完成动画作品《水下乐园》、《姥娘的鞋垫》。其中《水下乐园》获杭州国际动漫节优秀学生短片提名,《姥娘的鞋垫》获北京电影学院优秀创意推介会三等奖,苏州蓝海创意云创意创业大赛入围作品。目前师从于著名画家邢俊勤先生,并与其举办了《北京 798 诞生记(2002-2006)》(北京)、霍柏演义—邢俊勤个展(北京798)、《氤氲新疆》展(北京)。